The 21 Day Cleanse



Remove all of the foods that most commonly lead to inflammation while enjoying a delicious, organic


Detoxify and nourish your body with a delicious whole food diet to relieve inflammation and feel better than you ever have before!


Test foods one at a time to identify the food sensitivities that are causing your chronic health concerns.




  • Help the CUSTOMER achieve healthier eating habits, which ANY contribute to benefits such as relief from illnesses or other health issues;
  • Provide, at the customer’s place of residence, daily meals according to the personalized nutrition plan;
  • Help the CUSTOMER obtain a clean and healthy lifestyle;
  • Provide personalized help to the CUSTOMER;
  • All meals shall be prepared in the CUSTOMER’s kitchen, utilizing only gluten-free, organic ingredients, with a proven origin.
  • The PROVIDER makes explicit that it does not promise the cure for diseases but seeks to teach, in a natural and organic manner, the CUSTOMER to obtain healthier habits that will generate health benefits.


Why Cleanse?


A cleanse can help you detox, shed weight, rebuild on the cellular level and bring out your skin’s natural glow. It’s a great way to reboot your health and kick-start a program for a healthier living. With our fast-paced lifestyles, we often eat what’s on hand and easy. Most of the time, this means foods that are processed and made with inflammatory ingredients like white flour, preservatives, and white sugar. A cleanse is the perfect way to give your body the break it deserves.


There is a link between chronic pain and foods may people consume on a daily basis. Many commonly eaten foods actually inflame the body more and add to the level of discomfort and pain you experience. If you are in chronic pain you should take a second look at your eating habits and try removing some of the most common reactive foods from your diet to see if this helps you.

Common inflammatory foods

Gluten-containing grains:

Wheat – including wheat germ and wheat bran, Rye, Barley including barley malt, Bulgur, Couscous, Spelt, Kamut, Semolina, Triticale, Einkorn.

Other commonly consumed inflammatory foods include;

High Oxalate foods  may also be a problem

All or some of these foods may be contributing to your overall “inflammation threshold. Finding out what you react to is an important first step in mitigating your pain.

An inflammation-fighting, 6 -day (begging) body reset made of plant-based recipes rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, and 16 days with, lean protein and low carbs breakfast, lunch and dinner meals   without any gluten, white sugar, and flour

21 Day 




Next 16 days will be green protein smoothie /chia pudding/low carb pancake, low carb dinner protein, nuts.

Fight inflammation with 21-day days of organic, non-GMO, plant-based meals with Organic lean meat, that work to eliminate inflammation instigators like gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, and dairy from your diet. Inflammation is a precursor to most chronic diseases, so no matter your level (zero to inflamed), you’ll reap powerful benefits from this meal plan. Indulge in food so good you won’t believe it’s good for you—like our mashed cauliflower with wild caught salmon, Rainbow Salad, and chi berry pudding or almond pancake for breakfast. These low-glycemic recipes are also filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients to balance out hormones and reset your body.



 Health Coaching supports you through the Elimination Diet Meal Plan and answers your general health and diet questions. The sessions provide you with.

Menus & Charts:

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