Liver & Gallbladder Flush

  Liver flushes, which include getting rid of microbes and parasites in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. are important to a cancer treatment. These microbes and parasites in the organs steal energy from the cells in the organs by intercepting nutrients and by excreting mycotoxins and other things. The organs become very weak and as a result, the immune system becomes very weak.In many cases, it is the weak immune system that allows the cancer cells in the body to grow out of control and cause a person to be diagnosed with cancer.

In other words, in many cases, cancer is the result of a weak immune system. In order to supercharge the immune system, “liver flushes” are critical to the cancer treatment.

  The “liver flush” is designed to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs, by definition. Do not get a “liver flush” confused with a coffee enema, which is an entirely different treatment.




“We can protect (our liver) to some extent by avoiding obvious hazards such as recreational drugs, unsafe sex, and raw shellfish, all of which can cause the liver-damaging disease hepatitis. But even when we’re being good to our liver, hidden dangers can damage its cells and interfere with toxin breakdown. Toxins lurk in prescription medications, food additives, and air pollutants, and these may be impossible to avoid completely. (4)

“Here’s where “liver detoxification” might come in. When the liver is working double-duty to protect you from an onslaught of bad diet, bad judgment, and unavoidable insults, it could benefit from a little extra help.

“Antioxidant vitamins such as C, E, and beta-carotene; minerals such as zinc and selenium; B-vitamins that aid alcohol metabolism; and herbs said to “cleanse” the liver such as milk thistle, dandelion root, and schizandra, might help protect liver cells while ridding our body of poisons.”

However, doing any liver flush only kills microbes and parasites which have been weakening the organs and thus weakening the immune system. A liver flush does not automatically re-energize the cells in the organs, which in turn recharges the immune system.

In other words, consider this process:
1. Microbes and parasites in the organs weaken the organs and the weak organs, in turn, weaken the immune system,
2. A weak immune system allows the cancer cells to grow out of control and the person is diagnosed with cancer,
3. A “liver flush” kills these microbes and parasites,
4. Getting rid of these microbes and parasites does not immediately re-energize the cells in the organs and thus does not immediately re-energize the immune system,
5. Electromedicine (to be discussed in a moment) re-energizes the cells in the organs (which were weakened by the microbes and parasites)
6. The patient’s immune system is strengthened and is then able to get rid of many cancer cells and helps the body to deal with cancer.

Note that while these six steps are going on, other cancer treatments are killing cancer cells and/or reverting cancer cells into normal cells, etc. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, if you are in good health and not overloading your systems with toxic substances (such as alcohol), the liver will cleanse itself very well.

“However, if you do have diagnosed liver problems, the following supplements
may help:

   Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum): Extract of the seeds of this flowering plant in the daisy family has been shown in European research to stimulate regeneration of liver cells and protect them from toxic injury. It is found in most health food stores as “milk thistle,” “Silybum,” or “silymarin.” Take two capsules of an extract standardized to 70-80 percent silymarin two or three times daily as the label directs. Each day, for 7 days we will provide the vegan and nutritious meals that support you in the entire liver flush, you will be following a protocol and coached by us all the procedures :



We will guide you how to get ready for the 7 days Liver flush, you need to get :


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